Good Governance for School Boards: Trustee Professional Development Program

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The professional development modules are supported by a set of interactive resources designed to enhance your experience of the modules. These include relevant video clips, reflection questions, self-assessment tools, and quizzes. Additional online and print resources related to the module content are also referenced. Supplementary resources will be added as they become available so please check this section for updates.

Module 1 : Authentic Governance through Ethical Leadership
Module 2 : Authentic Governance for Student Achievement: Boards Matter!
Module 3 : Right from the Start: Roles and Responsibilities
Module 4 : Common Ground, Common Purpose. Relationships in School Boards
Module 5a : Performance Review: Director of Education
Module 5b : Board Self-Assessment: Governance Performance
Module 6 : The Strategic Role and Multi-year Strategic Planning
Module 7 : Exercising Authentic Governance: The School Board’s Role as Policymaker
Module 8 : Conflict – Managing it Creatively
Module 9 : Family and Community Engagement
Module 10 : Advocacy: Engaging the Public
Module 11 : Legal Aspects of School Board Governance
Module 12 : Running Effective Meetings
Module 13 : School Board Finance
Module 14 : School Boards and Human Resources
Module 15 : What Makes a Great Board Chair?
Module 16 : First Nation Trustees: Leading in Two Worlds
Module 17 : Developing a Code of Conduct for Trustees
Module 18 : Social& Media
Module 19 : Internal Audit and The Role of Audit Committees
Module 20 : A Journey Towards Truth and Reconciliation