Good Governance for School Boards

Trustee Professional Development Program


The Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) is pleased to offer a professional development program for Ontario school board trustees. As school board governors, trustees set the conditions that provide a high-quality education for every Ontario student. While in office, trustees balance varied responsibilities including setting the board’s strategic direction, establishing board policies, allocating resources, engaging with their constituents and holding the system accountable through the director of education. This program’s aim is to offer trustees a substantive overview of the areas that are essential to their governance role.

As you explore the 21 modules, please consider the local circumstances of your board and speak to board staff if you have any questions or concerns. In addition, the feedback function on this site will give you the opportunity to comment on the modules or seek further support. Please note that the program is primarily intended to support trustees, but it is also useful for directors of education, board staff and other stakeholders.

OESC invites trustees who have completed the entire program to apply for a Certificate of Completion. This will be sent to you in recognition of your commitment to leadership and the good governance of Ontario’s education system.

By clicking the grey bar at the bottom of your screen and adding your information, OESC will automatically track your progress through the modules. You may click on the Certificate of Completion tab at any time to see how far you are in the program or to request your certificate.

Trustee Professional Development Program

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